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How to maintain sponge machinery

Sponge machinery

1. The sponge machine must clean up the dirt on the machine tool and guide rail every working day to keep the bed clean. Turn off the air source and power supply when off work and empty the remaining air in the pipe band of the machine tool.

2. Turn off the power when leaving the machine for a long time, in case of non-professional operation;

3. Observe whether there is lubricating oil on the horizontal and vertical guide rails and rack surfaces of sponge machinery to keep them well lubricated;

In addition to the above three, there are weekly maintenance and maintenance methods:

1. Clean the sponge machinery comprehensively every week, clean the horizontal and vertical guide rails and transmission gear rack, and add lubricating oil;

2. Check whether the horizontal and vertical rail wipers work normally, and replace them in time if they are not normal;

The working place and working environment of the sponge machine are relatively harsh and the metal dust is relatively large. Therefore, comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the sponge machine must be carried out, and personnel should be responsible for lubrication, repair and maintenance of the equipment.

f the lifting system is in good condition, so as to prevent the occurrence of punch or punch.

Post time: Nov-08-2018
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