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Introduction of routine inspection and maintenance of sponge machinery

Sponge machinery manufacturer tells you: daily inspection and maintenance of sponge machinery includes the following contents:

1.Remove rust and dirt. Check the operation and lifting parts for rust, welding slag, dirt, and so on. Because these filth can cause sponge machine wear away, affect sponge machine normal operation.

2. Check whether the bearing parts of each running part have any heating and abnormal noise, especially the bearing of the cutting wheel part is very important, and at the same time, grease should be added to each bearing timely.

3. Check the gear transmission and reducer. The gear transmission device and reducer should be checked regularly, and lubricant should be added to prevent the occurrence of bite and death.

4. Check regularly whether the brake device of the brake motor controlling the thickness of the sponge cutter is good.

5. The electrical part of the sponge machine shall mainly check whether the limit device of the lifting system is in good condition, so as to prevent the occurrence of punch or punch.

Post time: Nov-08-2018
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