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Sponge cutter has many characteristics such as durability

The sponge machine adopts PC computer control system to cut the sponge. It cuts the sponge without dust into various shapes. Under the instruction of X, Y and Z axis controlled by the computer system, it cuts the sponge automatically according to the graph track. It has reliable and safe operating system, can process any size foam block, various types of sponge type, slow recovery sponge, various types of high foam and so on. Suitable for all kinds of sponge products.

In addition, we also learned that the sponge cutting machine adopts the circular knife band cutting, with low machine noise. Fast cutting speed, high efficiency; High machining accuracy; No dust, green and environmental protection; Rotary part of the structure is simple, easy to maintain; The belt is durable and the equipment consumption is low. Good internal dynamic balance characteristics, smooth operation; Beautiful appearance, firm structure, high reliability, long service life; Is the general demand of the user’s choice.

Post time: Nov-08-2018
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