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What are the main advantages of regenerative sponge machinery

Regenerative sponge machinery is often used in the sponge processing industry. The main function of this equipment is to suck the crushed sponge particles into the special mixing box through the absorber, spray the corresponding weight of the sponge glue at the same time, and then press the mold (steam) into the corresponding density of the regeneration sponge.

For many friends, it may not be clear what a regenerative sponge is. In fact, it is a new kind of processing material, which is made by crushing the bottom of the sponge and sterilizing and compressing the glue. Compared with ordinary sponges, regenerative sponges processed by regenerative equipment not only have better elasticity, but also have better tolerance and no smell, and can effectively reduce the cost of raw materials. Therefore, it is also widely used in the production of sofa, mattress, automobile seat cushion and so on.

Post time: Nov-08-2018
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